Professional Poker Player

Act decisively. Delaying the game may be a lack of confidence (a big taboo in poker)

Talk too much. Other players don’t like you to distract them, and you may give more information than you think.

Online poker etiquette

When you play online poker, some jokes may be alive-as long as you don’t give too much information. Below are some suggestions by the live chat function.

Respond to other players, but clearly, stay focused.
Stay positive. A good attitude helps your social life.

Reveal your level of experience-directly or by commenting on how other people play. This is a bad idea.

Use capital letters-it makes you feel like you are yelling, and frankly, it’s crazy.
In the tournament, especially in the final stages, minimize the “sidelines (audience area)” chat.

Finally, if live chat distracts you, close it.

Choose your strategy

Are you the kind of casual player who plays with very few chips, or is it someone who wants to improve technology while also increasing profitability?

If you are for entertainment, you won’t have a lot of money-the money you make outside the poker table is not a big deal even if you lose.

If you want to win money, you must treat your funds more carefully.

Good habit of keeping records

Keeping accurate records is the basis for establishing a fund.

Starting today, write down your scores for each game (in a notebook or spreadsheet), buy in, and return. You can simply record your specific wins and losses each day-or include the hours of play, the time per day, Opponents, website data and your emotional state.

After a period of time, you can use this information to understand your strengths and weaknesses, improve your level, and accurately calculate your profit (or loss) every hour.

Ready to play a higher level?

If it is said that you can now be invincible in matches of the smaller blind level, and your funds have increased by 1/3, you can use this additional funds as a buy-in for the next level. If all goes well, you can play this level very quickly, and if not, you can still level at your comfortable level.

Remember, everyone is a comfortable zone.

If you lose 1/3 of your funds, it makes you feel that you are not only losing a few purchases, but that you lose half of your rent, so stay at your original level and don’t worry. You don’t need pressure, it doesn’t help you play cards.

Congratulations! Your performance at the poker table is very good, and your capital looks like a lot. What do you want to do with the money?

One idea is to withdraw cash to make yourself a better life. This is good.

If you are serious about upgrading, you can’t buy gifts for yourself, you need to deal with higher chips.

Learn from professional players

Professional players manage their funds like a business. While using this money to live a life, they must also increase their own funds. There is a lot of discipline and planning.

To be successful in any level of poker tournament, you need to protect your money. In other words, play cards within your own tolerance.